Instagram Continues To Censor Unique Voices

So earlier this year a guy named Eduardo wrote an article on Medium about the dreaded “Instagram shadow ban”. You can read his article here

Earlier this week, it happened to Cardi B —

It seems more and more content is being suppressed and the social media giant that is Facebook Inc. has said NOTHING about it officially. I’ve been experiencing low engagement for what feels like forever on Instagram and it’s because of the type of outspoken, touchy topics I provide my introspect too. The first time I noticed and googled the term “shadowbanned” was in 2018. I was active in many Black Live Matter rallies and marches. I used my IG feed and Facebook pages to share stories, povs, and visuals. The question remains, what is being censored and for what reasons? They love sending us, well I mean, “updating” their privacy terms, as if anyone reads them. I love fine print. There is no clause that states “censorship” just vague language around their “community” (isn’t that us?) guidelines. Who determines the guidelines? They do. Social media influence has been taking a beating since the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections. Some CEOs, like Zuckerberg have even been to Capitol Hill to provide transparency on their practices. Targeted paid ads helped to sway voters towards Donald Trump. Mental Health advocates and researchers insist that our time spent on these platforms does more harm than good. So why would Instagram create features that actively work to block specific content and silence certain voices?

Because they are capable. As Americans, we hate to admit that we’re all here together and that we are connected. Our election was infiltrated by a foreign power that wants to take our place on the World stage. All through ad space. It’s a hard pill to swallow. It’s sort of sad that our country name begins with the word united. We like to believe that we are independent thinkers, that we make our own rules, and that we are above so much of it all. We aren’t. All of the social networks are based within the U.S. for starters. It is supposedly a country based on liberty and freedom. Censorship in any way goes completely against that. African-American thought leaders, right-wing White male conservatives, and LGBTQ activists all use these tools to purport their messages and to create a conversation in a safe way.

The reality however is that private companies don’t have to be transparent. Even the promotional big dogs that want you to pay for more viewership. We have no clue what happens after we hit post. Facebook cares about ad revenue. They care about the time spent on the apps. If your content is being suppressed, send an email to Instagram and Facebook. Create a paper trail for yourself and for them. This is not going to go away anytime soon.

Happy Content Creating, lolz

If you want to know why I got blocked, just check out this Youtube video below